KARACHI: The Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, yesterday [Dec 9] appealed to President Yahya Khan to direct the release of all labour leaders and workers and also to order withdrawal of the cases pending against them.

Commenting on the Pakistan Security Printing Press strike, arrest of Press workers, and the general complaint that local Police authorities are harassing the families of workers and are also contemplating the arrest of some women workers of the Press, he said further detention of labour leaders would only prove to be an impediment in the way of conditions returning to normal.

Mr Bhutto in his Press statement said the workers of the Pakistan Security Printing Corporation went on strike on Nov 26 as a mark of protest against the termination of services of six workers of the Press. The workers have also protested that their charter of demands for an increase in wages, rules with regard to leave and other aligned matters have remained unattended to by the management. …

He said from Jan 1, the right of association and meetings is being restored to the nation. The administration should take a more tolerant view with regard to labour problems facing the country, and all genuine agitations within the limits of law and common decency should be permitted in accordance with the norms of democratic countries.

Published in Dawn, December 11th, 2019