PIA discrimination

December 10, 2019


AS editor of SouthAsia, an English-language monthly published since 1977, I am pleased to state that the transparency of its editorials, news and reviews earned it the prestigious “US Genesis Award” some years ago. The other two contestants for the award were The Evening Standard and The Sunday Times (both UK-based publications). While presenting the award, the British actor Steve Valentine (famous film ‘Crossing Jordan’) had described SouthAsia as “the equivalent of Time magazine in Pakistan”. A selected five minute video of the award ceremony is on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPV1sR8Nw0E

SouthAsia has been consistently playing a small but important role in projecting Pakistan’s positive image in terms of its foreign policy objectives and economic and social development. Our national carrier PIA subscribed to the magazine for its in-flight library very regularly until October 2016. However, one does not find it anymore either on PIA’s domestic or international routes. I hope the PIA chairman and the board will take action on merit in removing this travesty of justice and, in the interest of building Pakistan’s image, include SouthAsia again in the airline’s in-flight library.

Javed Ansari

Published in Dawn, December 10th, 2019