Govt & private sector

December 10, 2019


IT has always been difficult for the people to choose between government and private sector jobs. Some people want government jobs, while others prefer private sector ones owing to better salary and benefits.

I have worked for about eight years in the government sector but quit for personal reasons. Now I work at a private company. The government and private sector environment is entirely different. Government employees feel safe as they have job security, while in the private sector they fear losing their jobs any time.

However, favouritism is a part of both, though there may be rare exceptions.

The private sector employers should review company policies so that their employees work without fear of losing their employment, be more productive, are able to make a difference and add value to their companies. This will help us go a long way, for we already face poverty, unemployment and inflation.

Syed Waqar Ali

Published in Dawn, December 10th, 2019