DACCA: The President of East Pakistan National Awami Party (Wali Group), Prof Muzaffar Ahmad, yesterday [Dec 8] said the country was one with the President, Gen A.M. Yahya Khan, in eradicating corruption and making the administration clean.

In a telegram sent to the President, the NAP leader said that the general feeling persists that “some high-ups have not yet been included in the list” of the alleged corrupt officials as announced by the Government yesterday. He said “there is a strong rumour and sense of apprehension that the henchmen of corrupt officials are making frantic efforts for exemption of corrupt officials”.

The nation was watching every Government action, the Professor said, and added that “any lenient view will have obvious repercussions”. He said: “I on behalf of my party and the patriotic citizens of the country emphatically reiterate our demand that the high-ups must not be exempted and all those found guilty must be punished. The whole nation has suffered immeasurably through the corruption, malpractices, misuse of office and high-handedness of the corrupt bureaucrats.”

Published in Dawn, December 10th, 2019