Student unions

09 Dec 2019


IN the 1960s when we were in college, student unions were established on a non-party basis led by noble students. Annual academic activities like debates on national issues, sports activities, including annual sports galas were arranged in a nice way.

Theater activities under drama clubs were held for entertainment, and students’ problems were solved immediately because of smooth and healthy coordination between the administration and the student unions.

In the 1970s the student unions were raised on a political basis. Incidents of extremism and lack of tolerance became the order of the day. Gangsters were produced, fighting for postponement of examinations, creating unethical tactics in examinations and pressuring the teaching staff undeserving students.

Many of the worthy professors and students were killed in broad daylight in the well-known universities because of political rivalries and the culprits were never apprehended because of political pressure.

Not only this, but outlaws from outside started residing in hostels of teaching institutions with the help of internal gangsters. This was proved a number of times during random raids on the hostels.

I urge all political leaders to spare educational institutions and do not spoil them for their petty interests. Student unions should be allowed only on a non-political basis because the status of education in the country is already pathetic.

Dr Fateh M. Khan

Published in Dawn, December 9th, 2019