Tourism & liquor

December 09, 2019


THIS is apropos the letter ‘Tourism in Pakistan’ (Dec 4). I disagree with the writer who has suggested that casinos, nightclubs and sale of liquor can help develop tourism in Pakistan.

I have been in London for the last two decades and have travelled to many tourist places in Europe. Most tourist attractions are ‘zero tolerance for alcohol’ areas where one can still find tourists. Alcoholics in the West are seeking help from rehabilitation centres to get rid of this addiction, while some people in Pakistan want to adopt their lifestyle. Why don’t we learn from the mistakes by others?

Countries which generate revenue from casinos, nightclubs and selling alcohol have nothing or very little to offer to tourists. We are a friendly nation with rich culture, natural scenery and have a high potential for religious tourism which can attract people around the world.

Bringing back the era before ‘Zia’s Islamisation’, as claimed by the writer, will not bring healthy tourism to Pakistan.

Iftekhar Kashmiri

Published in Dawn, December 9th, 2019