LAHORE: A seven-event card featuring a cup race for Cass VI Division III and IV will be held when the Lahore Winter Meeting gets under way here at the Racecourse on Sunday.

The Naseeb Cup to be contested over 1400 metres has seven runners. The three-year-old filly, Rain Bird, who has won two consecutive races, will be on the hat-trick on Sunday. Filly Raat Ki Rani and colt Tiger Jet will be challenging her bid to remain unbeaten.

With the exception of the cup race, all other events will be contested over 1100 metres. The first race starts at 12noon.

The Lahore Race Club (LRC) stewards in their resolve to hold fair and transparent contests awarded punishments to jockeys, trainers and owners involved in racing-related malpractices last Sunday.

Jockey Aamir Parvez was fined Rs20,000 for his unsatisfactory riding on Princess Anabia. The filly is owned by Zaid Raheem and trained by Shahid Rehman.

Trainers Salahuddin, Mohammad Afzal and Abdul Rasheed were given stern warnings for sending their horses Wahab Choice, Aya Sultan and Salam-e-Lahore to race in unfit condition.

Owner Asim Raza was fined Rs20,000 for giving wrong instructions to riders Babar Rehman (Chan Punjabi) and Zain Manzoor (Helena).

Rider Aftab Choudhry (Haiku ), Munir Hussain Me Raqsam), Zain Manzoor (Helena), S. Moeen (Lala Zar) Aamir Pervez Raat Ki Rani) and Princess Anabia) were fined Rs1,000 each for not riding their mounts while leaving towards starting point.

Addressing owners, trainers and riders during separate meetings with them, newly-elected LRC chairman Makhdum Syed Ahmad Mahmud told them that under his new responsibility his top priority was to hold fair and transparent racing events while adhering strictly to merit, and that he would never compromise on it irrespective of who was involved.

It is a good beginning indeed not sparing even his own stable’s jockey Aamir Pervez, who needs no introduction.

Following is the field and our selections:

Naran Plate Class VII Division V-1100 M:

Tell Me 8-10 Shahbaz Choice 8-6 Meshable 8-6 Successful 8-4 Khababib 8-2 Casino Boy 8-2 Mr Brown 8-2 Hip Man 7-12 Artghal 7-10 Easy Go 7-10 Kashmiri Fighter 7-8 Beach Beauty 7-8 Turab Prince 7-6 Goloo Prince 7-6 Its Me 7-4 Naveed Choice 7-4 and Baa Atbaar 7-4.

Win: Goloo Prince.

Place: Naveed Choice and Artghal..

Naran Plate Class VII Division !V-1100 M:

Faizi Choice 9-0 KFK Princess 9-0 After Hero 9-0 Sheba 8-10 Dancing Beauty 8-10 Royal Runner 8-10 SheIs Rawal 8-10 Anmol One 8-10 King Queen 8-6 Take Care 8-6 Aya Darvesh 8-6 and Bet Of The Day 7-10.

Win: Faizi Choice.

Place: After Hero and Royal Runner.

Naran Plate Class VII Division 1V-1100 M:

Khan Jee 9-0 Chan Punjabi 9-0 Natalia 9-0 Lucky Time 8-12 Silken Black 8-12 Miss Bray 8-10 Narowali Princess 8-10 Zoaq-q-Yaqeen 8-10 Salam-e-Pakistan 8-6 Vegas 8-6 Punjabi Munda 8-6 and Push The Limits 8-6.

Win: Khan Jee.

Place: Silken Black and Natalia.

Naran Plate Class VII Division 111-1100 M:

Rashk-e-Qamar 9-0 Goti 8-10 Red Boy 8-10 Banjo 8-10 Lalazar 8-4 Baland-o-Bala 8-6 Only Jutt 8-4 Manal Love 8-4 Enable 8-4 Rang-e-Hina 8-2 One For Seven 8-0 Neeli The Great 8-0 and Safdar Princess 7-12.

Win: Rashk-e-Qamar.

Place: Goti Nad One For Seven.

Naran Plate Class VII Division II-1100 M:

Big Foot 9-0 Abdullah Princess 8-10 Mud House Legacy 8-8 Khadim 8-6 Secret Lady 8-2 Golra Pride 8-2 Pehlwan 8-0 Cameo 8-0 and Neeli The Malika 7-12.

Win: Khadim.

Place: Abdullah Princess and Big Foot.

Naseeb Cup, Class VI Division 111 & 1V-1400 M:

Rain Bird 8-112 Raat Ki Rani 8-4 Gondal Choice 8-4 Din Ka raja 8-4 JF Thunder 8-2 Big Move 8-0 and Tiger Jet 8-0.

Win: Rain Bird.

Place: Raat Ki Rani and Tiger Jet.

Naran Plate Class VII Division 1-1100 M:

Jhara 9-0 For Ever One 8-6 Aya Sultan 8-6 Madhuri Dixit 8-4 User 8-2 Collector 8-2 Miss World 7-12 Salam-e-Dera 7-12 Miss Mohni Road 7-10 Samy Choice 7-8 and Dazzling 7-6.

Win: User.

Place: Aya Sultan and Jharra.

Published in Dawn, December 8th, 2019