Iran response

08 Dec 2019


THIS is with reference to the article ‘Season of revolts’ by Mahir Ali (Dec 4). It contains derogatory allegations against our country. We would like to quote from a statement by Iran’s High Council for Human Rights.

“It is evident that the Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes peaceful protest as the right guaranteed by law. But peaceful protesters are different from rioters who have been influenced, organised and armed by the US and some other governments to kill innocent people, destroy public property, set fire to banks and loot people’s property.

“The Iranian people are victims of cruel unilateral sanctions imposed by the US that violate universal human rights. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the most important and largest democracy in West Asia, with all the pillars of power elected by direct or indirect vote.

“The United States and its allies take every action to undermine Iran’s success in introducing a model of democracy in which power is exercised by people elected by direct vote.

“In Iran’s political system, the position of the supreme leader is worth mentioning. He is appointed by a body called the Council of Experts, whose members are directly elected by the people. The supreme leadership is a symbol of national coherence. In recent demonstrations in support of the Islamic republic, the Iranian people have shown that they continue to rely on this unifying factor. Although the sanctions have affected the economy of the country, it has had no impact on the will of the nation to maintain national unity and defend the values of the Islamic revolution.

“Regarding the unrest in Iraq, relations between Iran and Iraq are brotherly and historic and will never be affected by the acts of a number of mercenaries. Iran’s presence in Iraq is based on the invitation of the Iraqi government for cooperation in specific areas such as fighting against terrorism and assisting in the development and reconstruction of Iraq. This has never meant Iran’s involvement in Iraq’s internal affairs, because Iran-Iraq relations are based on respect for the sovereignty and independence of the two countries.

“The attempts by rioters to invade Iran’s diplomatic and consular premises in Iraq were plotted by the enemies of Iranian and Iraqi nations in order to divide the Muslim Ummah.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Press Section


Published in Dawn, December 8th, 2019