Blame game

07 Dec 2019


THE ‘mantra’ for 2019 was that all national key stakeholders are on the same page. However, the events that have taken place in the initial days of the winter season show that this zestful relationship has now cooled. The key stakeholders seem to enjoy all but coherence.

The executive blames the judiciary for differentiation between the powerful and the weak while the judiciary rejects the accusations asserting its impartiality. The court has reserved judgment in a treason case against a dictator on the government’s request which has created more confusion.

The government seems keen on political vendettas and exacting revenge on opponents rather than improving governance.

The most victimised is another important pillar of the state, media, which seems to be isolated and tongue-tied (pun unintended) because of hidden censorship. The views portrayed on the media are now not taken seriously because of the allegations against some journalists for selling their services.

The public has absorbed shocks like high inflation and increasing unemployment in the hope that hard times would be over soon.

However, it is not the public which is facing hard times, but the national stakeholders because their respective houses are not in order.

Rehan Hameed Karimi


Published in Dawn, December 7th, 2019