LONDON: There is considerable sympathy here among members of all political parties with Mr. Gandhi in his decision to retire from active politics for the remainder of the year. On many sides there is disposition to regard him as a disappointed man since his release, writes the GLOBE political correspondent.

The famous Gelder interview had, it is believed, the effect of seriously interfering with his plans, and his failure to secure rapprochement with Mr. Jinnah may, it is thought, conceivably have induced some degree of depression. Political commentators here also are inclined to tie up Mr. Gandhi’s decision with tardiness in announcing composition of the Sapru Committee. The time limit given by Sir Tej has already expired and no suggestion of possible names has been forthcoming.

The attitude of the Muslim League, as expres­sed by “Dawn” and Mr. Savarkar’s unqualified rejection of the Committee, so far as Mahasabha is concerned, have tended to cast an air of some pessimism over the Indian political scene as viewed from the London end. Attempts here to form an all-party delegation to go to India have not been marked by any undue enthusiasm, though the idea has not yet become entirely fallow.

Published in Dawn, December 7th, 2019