ISLAMABAD: After back-to-back attempts to make fraudulent plot allotments, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to reactivate a committee to scrutinise allotments.

The authority has also decided to file representation in old alleged dubiouscourt cases that were won by individuals who obtained favourable statements from CDA officials. And it has been decided that the civic authority will appeal dubious cases that are not time-barred.

Sources said that the management noticed thatattempts were made during the last few years by officials in the CDA’s land directorate to allot plots on the basis of alleged dubious documents or court decisions that were given on the basis of alleged favourable statements by CDA officials to help individuals obtain plots from the authority.

Sources said the authority’s security directorate had prevented three moves of allotting plots during the last one month.

Authority to also file representation in old dubious cases it lost

Last week, a file was moved by the land directorate to allot plots to affected people from Mouza (estate) Badia Qadir Bux, who were entitled to plots in I-15. However, the directorate, referring to a court order, moved to allot some 10 plots in G-10, where plots can only be disposed of through auction.

The movement of the file wasslowed down after the security directorate intervened. Sources said the affected people from this estate are only entitled to plots in I-15, which has been reserved for plots to affected people.

They said that a small seven marla plot in G-10 is worth around Rs30 million, while a plot the same size in I-15 is worth Rs5m.

The sources said that it was also noticed that in some cases, officials deliberately during the last many years, did not file appeals in court on time against decisions in which the CDA felt its perspective was not truly presented. They said that in such cases, the files were swept under the carpet until the attained finality.

Last month, the security directorate caught two CDA officials transferring a plot on the basis of fake documents from an affected person file.These two officials are currently facing inquiry by the civic agency.

In October, the land directorate, contrary to a written directive from the member estate, allotted 59 plots in D-13 in a dubious manner only to cancel them when the matter was highlighted.

The land director and four other officials were suspended for their involvement in the case and are currently facing an inquiry by the authority.

Affected people are those whose land was acquired by the CDA to develop sectors, entitling them to alternative plots from the authority. Sources said that in some cases, affected people received alternate plots in choice sectors, after which they, along with property dealers, attempted to obtain more plots from the authority and filed cases in court.

Sources said that when CDA officials were then called in by the courts to give the authority’s point of view, in some cases, it is said that they gave such statements that went against the authority’s interests to benefit the other party.

CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed said that he had directed for the allotment scrutiny committee to be reactivated to bring transparency to the land directorate.

This committee will check each case before allotment, he said, adding that although it plays an important role the body was bypassed in the past.

“Now, after the reports of attempts to allot plots in G-10, we have decided to reactivate the allotment scrutiny committee. We have also decided to file representation before the old dubious cases,” he said, adding that civic agency will also file appeals in cases in which the authority’s interests were not represented in CDA officials’ statements.

Published in Dawn, December 4th, 2019