Stop using plastic

Dec 03 2019


I CANNOT think of anything new I can tell you about the destruction plastic is causing to our planet. One plastic bag that we use without even thinking will stay on this planet for years before it turns into micro plastics.

Yes, we as individuals need to not only educate ourselves but also take actions because we only have 11 years before the effects of climate change get irreversible, but I feel like a bigger responsibility lies with consumer brands.

I don’t think brands are taking the responsibility they need. I will just mention some brands that I have experienced problems with in my journey of being plastic- and waste-free.

First about a juice kiosk — even if you go there with your own cup they won’t give you juice. Even if they do they will throw an unused cup to keep the count. They are still using plastic straws when paper straws are easily available in Pakistan.

A brand that I’m highly disappointed is a bookshop. It has been two years that I requested them to stop using plastic bags, almost one and a half year of giving feedback on every social media platform and shops.

I finally stopped buying books from the prestigious bookshop. Last month, I got a message from their head of marketing who confirmed that they want to stop using plastic bags and they were looking for people who could make paper bags for them.

I suggested that they could make bags from recycled newspapers and he really liked the idea but then he said he doesn’t know anyone who could do that. I even looked for vendors and shared the details with him.

Last week when I asked him to announce this on social media I was told that these things are too small. The man said that they were working on bigger things and the plastic they use is approved by the government.

We are now in December and the bookshop hasn’t posted anything about going plastic-free in 2020.

Noorul Huda

Published in Dawn, December 3rd, 2019