Gas leakage

03 Dec 2019


NATURAL gas is necessary for life but, on the other hand, it may be harmful in case of a leakage as we recently saw in the Tezgam train tragedy in which over 70 people died in what is believed to be a gas cylinder explosion.

I am a resident of Baldia Town where there has been a gas leakage for the last two months. One can smell gas in the air. The main gas line, which provides gas to 10 quarters, seems to be leaking.

This can lead to a big disaster if any inflammable material comes into contact with the gas leakage. There is a kitchen at stone’s throw where there is this gas leakage. This can create a huge blast.

The area residents have complained to the Sui Sothern Gas Company (SSGC) but there is no action. A few days ago, a few SSGC officials came but they didn’t plug the leakage. They told they would return in the evening but they never showed up.

The government should order the SSGC to do the needful immediately before it results in another tragedy.

Ehtisham Ahad

Published in Dawn, December 3rd, 2019