Third option

02 Dec 2019


THE so-called ‘third option’ being aired by some people is neither in the interest of Pakistan nor that of the Kashmiris.

Kashmir, as a Muslim majority state, should be allowed to accede to Pakistan as all states and areas with a Hindu majority have formed a part of India, according to the principle under which the subcontinent was divided.

The Kashmiris should not allow vested interests to weaken their state in the name of independence and deprive their right of joining Pakistan. Some countries want an independent Kashmir to set up their bases and spy on neighbouring countries by providing meager amounts of aid and support to an independent Kashmir.

The Kashmiris should understand this and Pakistan should never allow this to happen. Look around other weak and small countries and see how they follow instructions from their masters.

It is unfortunate that the leadership of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front is trying to weaken Kashmir and Pakistan for its selfish ends with incitement from vested interests.

Islamabad, while trying to persuade the JKLF leadership to desist from harming the cause of the Kashmiris, should give Kashmir maximum possible autonomy within Pakistan.

Abdur Rehman Lodhi
Toronto, Canada

Published in Dawn, December 2nd, 2019