Gwadar roads

02 Dec 2019


GWADAR, which is the CPEC city, is always inundated when it rains. Millions of rupees have been granted for various projects — all in vain.

Gwadar’s main places like Mullah Fazal Chok, Jannat Bazar, Old Mullah Band and newly constructed road — Marine Drive — remain inundated.

Who one should blame — development authorities, contractors, engineers or government officials? The water accumulated on the road has damaged the asphalt.

According to American Association of States and Highway and Transport Officials (AASHTO), the recommended pavement cross slope for usual condition is two per cent.

Rainwater accumulated on roads is one of the worst enemies of asphalt, for water penetrates asphalt. This damages asphalt and reduces its load-bearing ability and causes depressions in asphalt. As vehicles pass over the weak areas of asphalt, it cracks, forming potholes.

The authorities should take care of the planning before launching projects and hiring competent consultants.

Ammar Ahmed

Published in Dawn, December 2nd, 2019