THIS refers to the news report ‘Imran casts doubt on Nawaz’s medical reports’ (Nov 23).

I would have thought that after the failure of Nawaz Sharif’s legal team to secure him relief by legal means, it would have been a foregone conclusion that it would misuse to the full the window of opportunity provided through the system of ‘medical bail’ for convicted prisoners, for which no precedent had existed in Pakistan. And that is exactly what his legal team has done.

At this stage, an investigation to unearth a known fact could hardly be termed productive and worthwhile. Instead, what is required is to be careful in future and make sure that the nation is not fooled again by similar ploys in respect of Maryam Nawaz. Her presence abroad may be presented as an absolute medical necessity in connection with some special line of treatment for Nawaz Sharif.

I would think Imran Khan would do well to avoid the tendency to talk on too many topics unnecessarily and to take charge of just about everything personally.

Syed Riaz


Published in Dawn, November 30th, 2019