KARACHI: There is general satisfaction and happiness all over the country over President Yahya Khan’s decision to hold general elections on Oct 5 next year. Statements and comments are pouring into newspapers and news agency offices, from people belonging to all shades of opinion, congratulating the President for his bold decision to break up One Unit. The comments also express satisfaction over his acceptance of the popular demand for representation on the basis of population, as well as for granting maximum autonomy to the provinces.

The main political parties, however, seem to be still studying the President’s broadcast in depth. Most party leaders, except for Maulana Bhashani, have reserved their comments till meetings of their parties or consultation with other party leaders. Maulana Bhashani [said] that he wanted a referendum to be held on the proposed provisional legal framework for the general elections. He was happy that the Government had understood the mood of the people about One Unit. Mian Mumtaz Daultana, who is now in London, making “preliminary observations” to our Chief Overseas Correspondent, has welcomed the President’s decisions to hold elections.

Published in Dawn, November 30th, 2019