TAXILA: The local administration in Taxila, Hassanabdal and Fatehjang launched massive raids against profiteers violating official price lists. A total of 15 shopkeepers were arrested and fines were imposed on 19 others.

Price control magistrates arrested three shopkeepers in Taxila and imposed Rs156,000 in fines on 19 others involved in overcharging. In Fatehjang, seven shopkeepers were arrested for selling daily commodities at exorbitant prices. Similarly in Hassanabdal, five shopkeepers were arrested for profiteering and violating official price lists.

Speaking to the press, Assistant Commissioner Dr Tariq Usman said that the drive against profiteers would continue and urged shopkeepers to display price lists prominently at their outlets.

He added that strict action would be taken against those who are found charging more for items than the prescribed prices as displayed on the price list.

Those arrested included bakers, owners of general stores, vegetable and fruit sellers, owners of dairy shops and butchers.

Published in Dawn, November 20th, 2019