‘The Kartarpur factor’

November 19, 2019


APROPOS the opinion piece by Ashraf Jehangir Qazi ‘The Kartarpur factor’ (Nov 15).

The writer is one of the few rational people left in Pakistan, but I, respectfully, disagree with his analysis. Maybe this is one of the reasons Pakistan is stuck where it is!

I feel Pakistan should introspect why it is, where it is! In the entire article, the ambassador was talking about competition with India. India has 10 times Pakistan’s GDP — it is like Canada or Mexico competing with the US. It doesn’t make sense. The article went to talk about veto-yielding members supporting Pakistan. Other than sounds, no one is going to pick a fight with India exclusively for Pakistani benefit.

And by any means, neither would Pakistan do it for another country. It is nice to talk fiction, but if the ambassador really believes what he says, then it is another tough going for Pakistan.

Texas, US

Published in Dawn, November 19th, 2019