DACCA: The Government of East Pakistan today [Nov 17] debunked the mischievous propaganda being carried on by a section of the Indian Press alleging that “deteriorating law and order situation in East Pakistan, leading to atrocities on members of the minority community including abduction of girls, had created a sense of insecurity amongst them”.

A spokesman of the Government told [agency] that the allegations were absolutely false and had been concocted with a view to embittering the existing cordial relations between the members of the majority and the minority communities who have been living in absolute peace and harmony in the province.

Political observers sharply reacting to the propaganda said that India in order to hide the recent shameless act of communal orgy that had rocked Ahmedabad, from which she had not yet pulled through, resorted to such vile propaganda against Pakistan.

India, they said, stood condemned before the world for the savage act played against her minority community and their concocted propaganda would hardly receive any attention when the members of the minority community are leading a peaceful life in Pakistan. — Agency

Published in Dawn, November 18th, 2019