17 Nov 2019


I WOULD like to draw attention to an article in EOS ‘The new ball challenge’ (Nov 10) by S. M. Hussain.

The article chronicled the top five Pakistani test openers in Australia. One of them was Salman Butt. He was the person who disgraced the country as a player and a captain in match-fixing.

It was not a scandal but a proven fact and no one is bigger than the name of the country. It was tarnished by the said person.

I just give you an example. Lance Armstrong, the legendary cyclist and winner of tour de France cycle race, whom my generation had always looked up to, was proved to have testicular cancer due to high intake of testosterone. He was found to be involved in doping. He was stripped of his crowns and medals.

Dr Asad Shahzad

Published in Dawn, November 17th, 2019