APROPOS Dawn’s editorial on the ‘Babari mosque verdict’ (Nov 10). The last mask from secular India’s face has fallen down, unveiling the ugly face of justice.

The last nail has been hammered in the secular coffin of India by its apex court. Such a decision was expected keeping in view the trail of incidents during the last few months in India-occupied Kashmir. It is undoubtedly a travesty of justice that a land where a mosque stood built for hundreds of years was not only desecrated and demolished but its land has now been granted to a group professing Hindutvas. Those who portray India as the world’s largest democracy must hang their heads in shame.

Democracy is what has been demonstrated at Kartarpur by giving a red carpet welcome to the Sikh community from all over the world. Yet, Muslims are the sole target of extremism in India. Marginalising an oppressed and suppressed minority is terrorism. The world must pay heed to this issue. Menial jobs are offered to them and they are treated as second-class citizens. Now the Supreme Court has given verdict against their place of worship.

They are left with no forum to complain for their rights. However, there is a law of nature which acts when tyranny exceeds its limits.

Iftikhar Mirza

Published in Dawn, November 17th, 2019