Lahore smog

November 15, 2019


WHILE we are constantly told how to protect ourselves from smog we are never told how we can prevent it.

So here are small steps everyone can take to bring about a bigger change:

Stop burning your garbage. If someone in your vicinity is doing that please stop them and throw garbage in a proper waste disposal bin. Avoid unnecessary bonfires this winter. Prevent BBQ parties at home and restaurants. Please don’t order it in any restaurant because low-quality coal is burnt which again adds up to the already polluted environment.

Place a lot of plants in your house which act as natural cleaners, especially aloe vera or hang it in your windows and terrace if you don’t have a garden.

Do not go out unnecessarily and drive less.Try to use a car that has a catalytic converter. Try to carpool with your friends or colleagues to schools, colleges and workplaces.

Fatima Zahra

Published in Dawn, November 15th, 2019