LAHORE: The West Pakistan Government has warned that the situation created by illegal strikes and lock-outs in different industries areas will no longer be tolerated and strict action will be taken against those found responsible for creating such situations.

A Press note Issued here this evening [Nov 14] said: “Certain recent events go to show that matters pertaining to the labour and management relations and issues of the nature of collective bargaining are finding expression in the form of strikes and lock-outs, that could be termed as illegal, rather than the parties concerned agitating and resolving their differences and demands in accordance with the Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969. No doubt, the responsible elements still predominate and the areas of unrest are rather restricted and local in nature; it is, all the same, the illegal pattern of incidents that calls for attention.

“The Government of West Pakistan has allowed ample time to the parties, since the promulgation of the Industrial Relations Ordinance on Nov 4, 1969, to study and assimilate the new law and to proceed about their business of collective bargaining in accordance with it. Parties must, therefore, adhere to the law and try to seek settlement of the dispute through orderly and regular process.” — Agency

Published in Dawn, November 15th, 2019