Kartarpur corridor

14 Nov 2019


The Kartarpur corridor is a historic event despite anarchic domestic distractions, the hostile attitude of the Hindutva-driven Indian government, months of an unending siege of India-occupied Kashmir and the deplorable verdict by the Indian Supreme Court on Babri Mosque on the same day.

This underlines what Jinnah envisioned for Pakistan. Imran Khan deserves full credit for this exceptional gesture and respect towards the minorities in Pakistan. He represented true Islam at the UN General Assembly in September.

Embracing the Sikh community, elevating its sacred places of worship with due respect and ease of access and facilitation have been widely appreciated.

Forces of divisiveness and anarchy stand defeated and should remain so.

Zia Hashmi


THROUGH its actions and words Pakistan has proved to the world that it is a peace-loving nation and a country which knows how to go the extra mile for its minorities.

By opening the Kartarpur corridor Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the world that it is India, while claiming to be a secular state, which does not pay respect to its minorities. Once again the Quaid-i-Azam’s two-nation theory has been validated by the actions of Islamabad and New Delhi towards their respective minorities. Pakistan is an Islamic state and it is fundamental duty of an Islamic state to ensure the peace and safety of all minorities.

Maaz Hasnain


FOR decades, the Sikh community in India had been dreaming about crossing the corridor to visit their holy places. Finally, their dreams have came true.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Imran Khan formally inaugurated the Kartarpur corridor and won hearts of millions.

The historic corridor was opened before the 550th birthday anniversary of the Sikh spiritual and religious leader, Guru Nanak Dev. It gave the Sikh community immense pleasure to know that they will now be able to freely exercise their religious duties across the border. Allowing them to visit their place of worship without a visa has been a positive step taken by the government.

This has given a message to the world that Pakistan has always promoted communal peace and harmony. It has always advocated the minority to fully exercise their religious freedom and rights.

Now, it is incumbent on India too, to shun its hawkish behaviour and give peace a chance.

Ammar Aslam Muhammadi

Published in Dawn, November 14th, 2019