Daraz reinvents its online retail model into a more engaging experience with 'Shoppertainment'

The online marketplace has created a customer experience that goes beyond retail to entertain and engage app visitors.
Published Nov 09, 2019 01:22pm

Over the last year, Daraz has established itself as a leading online shoppertainment platform in the country. The online marketplace has effectively created a customer experience that goes beyond retail to entertain and engage app visitors.

An example is 11.11 Countdown Gala that kicks off the mega Gyara Gyara sale. The Gala breaks the fourth wall to allow interaction between offline audiences; television viewers sitting at home, the A-list celebrities that are featured and the host - last year, Ahmed Ali Butt and this year Fahad Mustafa.

This time the e-commerce platform collaborated with Jeeto Pakistan - the country’s highest-rated game show - to drive engagement and bring customers a highly-engaging experience.

Celebrities including Urwa Hocane, Suboor Aly, Mehreen Syed, Ahmed Ali Butt and Nimra Khan featured on the show represented Tecno, Nokia, L’Oreal, TCL and x, respectively. With prizes worth Rs2.5 crores up for grabs for offline audience during the 2.5-hour show, X number of people tuned in, enabling the traffic on the Daraz app increase x% increase during that time.

The entertainment element extends beyond the gala into the actual sale that will continue till November 15th. Daraz harnesses its access to unprecedented technology to craft a personalised and engaging experience complete with in-app games through which players can win prizes.

Wallet Wings, for example, is a game that allows customers to win bonuses in their Daraz Wallet that can be used to purchase products during the sale.

Shake Shake is another feature that drives up the entertainment quotient during the 11.11 sale. Customers can win prizes and bonuses in their Daraz wallet simply by shaking their phones.

There are a number of other games that app visitors can play such as the 1 rupee game and Mission 11.11; the latter is a set of daily fun tasks that customers have to complete to qualify for prizes, such as a free trip to Turkey.

A few months ago, Daraz launched DLeague, a space on the Daraz app where local digital influencers can connect with customers and app users to share their recommendations.

The platform hosts a panel of 18 influencers; from Bilal Munir who describes himself as 'the tech guy you call before making a purchase', to Urooj who has numerous fashion and lifestyle hacks to offer, D League influencers offer recommendations on a range of subjects from beauty and makeup to travel, food and fashion so customers can make informed purchasing decisions.

During the 11.11 sale too, the panel is offering their advice to help customers streamline their options from 8 million discounted products.

About Gyara Gyara

Daraz hosted its first gala last year when the 11.11 sale was newly introduced in Pakistan. More than 7.5 million people across the country tuned in and used the Daraz app on their smartphones to scan QR codes appearing on the screen to play games and win prizes.

The Gyara Gyara sale aims to disrupt the e-commerce landscape once again.

Last year the sale received an overwhelming response with 3 million customers visiting the app. This year, Daraz expects to host 10 million users during the five day sale.

So far, x number of people have already visited the app. Check out the sale here.

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