Nawaz Sharif

November 08, 2019


THIS refers to the editorial ‘Nawaz Sharif’s health’ (Oct 25). Having spent a fair amount of time in Europe, what I find shocking in our country is that growing up in a society dominated by nawabs, chaudhrys, waderas and the likes, people habitually respect, even worship, those in authority, including political leaders, irrespective of whether they are worthy of it or not.

Even seven decades of independence have done nothing to rid us of this slave mentality. This tendency is much evident in news reports and writings about Nawaz Sharif in which he is mentioned as a former prime minister, even three times prime minister, and not as a convicted criminal that he in fact is.

Also, in requesting facilities for Nawaz Sharif, it is completely forgotten that as a convicted prisoner he has lost many of his rights. For example, freedom of movement is a fundamental right but convicted prisoners are denied that legally — as retribution for their crimes.

I sincerely hope we develop a capacity to see and treat people for what they really are.

Syed Riaz

Published in Dawn, November 8th, 2019