Job opportunities for the youth

November 05, 2019


THE recent debate about the role of government in providing jobs has invoked a range of emotions from society. One group insists that the state is responsible for providing employment opportunities, whereas another says that this is not the government’s mandate.

In my opinion it is not the state’s responsibility to give jobs. However, it is the state’s responsibility to ensure there is an environment where jobs are created and employment thrives. On the other hand, it is the citizens’ responsibility to equip themselves with the education and skills necessary to acquire and hold jobs and be productive members of society.

Pakistan is beset with unique problems. However, it is good to know the government has taken initiatives at public and private levels to develop an environment providing equal opportunities to all citizens.

One such platform is where online training in digital skills is given free of cost. All the courses offered are specifically designed to inculcate skills essential for finding freelancing work, through which people can earn from their homes.

The government should provide more such platforms to enable people to acquire skills and create jobs online for themselves.

Kanwal Ashraf

Published in Dawn, November 5th, 2019