Traffic & WhatsApp

November 05, 2019


TRAFFIC remains a major nuisance in Karachi, especially during morning and evening peak hours. To make matters worse, we have battered roads, which is another cause of traffic jams.

Poor policing and lack of discipline among citizens also cause traffic jams. Not only uneducated drivers of buses, rickshaws or taxis are involved in making a traffic mess on roads, even the so-called literate people too use short cuts and are often seen violating traffic rules because of the negligent traffic police.

It is said that if you want to judge any nation observe its traffic on roads.

If we want to discipline our nation and progress, the first and foremost step is to enforce law of the land in letter and in spirit.

However, Karachi traffic police have recently taken a good step by introducing a helpline 9011 for any traffic-related matter. I propose traffic police chief to go a step further and introduce a WhatsApp number or a special portal and ask citizens to send pictures of traffic violations, clearly showing the registration numbers of the vehicle so that the driver/owner can be booked.

This is just an idea which can be further developed keeping in view legalities of the system.


Published in Dawn, November 5th, 2019