DACCA: More leaders of public opinion today [Nov 2] joined in the appeal for calm as fresh incidents were reported from the disturbed areas of Dacca. The Governor and the Zonal Martial Law Administrator went round the affected areas and visited the injured in the hospital.

The President, who is in Teheran, got in touch with Governor Ahsan over the mirco-wave telephone again this morning to know the latest situation following clashes there. The President is being kept fully informed about the situation in East Pakistan, since yesterday. — Agencies

Our Chief Overseas Correspondent reports from London: The Awami League President, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, said in a telephone interview, “I am deeply disturbed by what has happened in Dacca, and I have, accordingly, decided to cancel my engagements in England and return home as soon as possible.”

The appeal for “sanity and tolerance” in Dacca was made today by the President of the Awami League from Birmingham where he is to speak at a public meeting this evening. Sheikh Mujib said, “It is my earnest hope that harmony, sanity and tolerance would prevail in Dacca and other parts of Pakistan.”

Published in Dawn, November 3rd, 2019