US and geopolitics

October 21, 2019


THE world is moving towards a greater crisis as new wars are breaking out. A war has started between Turkey and Kurds, with America once again playing a double role.

Washington egged on the Turkish forces to enter Syrian territory while expressing US moral support for the Kurds. On the other hand US President Donald Trump has threatened to destroy the Turkish economy if it fails to behave. Earlier the US supported the Kurds in a bid to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad which failed.

In almost every war in the region in recent times, the US is involved. The war being fought in Yemen between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the US is supporting Riyadh. Washington has also promised to deploy US troops in Saudi Arabia to protect the kngdom.

For decades America has supported one country or the other but once its interests were achieved, it walked away.

Pakistan learned its lesson the hard way when the US walked out of Afghanistan in 1990 leaving Islamabad to face the fallout.

The decades old Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India has re-erupted with a fury after New Delhi revoked Article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution to annex occupied Kashmir. It is deplorable that after such serious acts of human rights violations, there’s no support from the international community for the Kashmiri people.

Because of an American initiative, the United Nations is also not bothered about the injustices being committed against the Kashmiri people.

The UN should discharge its duty to the Kashmiri people before they rise to throw out their oppressors because the Kashmiri patience is wearing out and Pakistan supports their freedom struggle.

Ahmed Aziz

Jamshoro, Kotri

Published in Dawn, October 21st, 2019