Lyariites’ SOS

October 21, 2019


WE, the residents of Lyari’s Baghdadi neighbourhood, want the Sindh government’s health and animal control departments to help us. There is a massive stray dog issue in our area. While we don’t want to harm the animals, we want to work together and reach a humane decision.

Our neighboourhood has five primary schools on Ali Nawaz Baloch Road. Young children walk these streets every day and are in danger of being bitten by rabid dogs.

The dogs bark all day and all night. No one can sleep peacefully and it is taking a toll on our daily lives.

We have filed complaints with the municipal administration but it has fallen on deaf ears. We are poor people facing very real problems. There is a shortage of the rabies vaccine at government-run hospitals in the country. What if our children get bitten by a rabid dog? We cannot afford treatment at a private hospital.

We request the provincial government and the Karachi mayor to help us before the situation gets out of hand.

Concerned Lyariites


Published in Dawn, October 21st, 2019