NEW DELHI: Improvisation is one of the familiar techniques adopted by the fighting services, but little is known of the extent to which it is employed by Indian Railways. A notable instance is the transformation of a tourist car into a blood transfusion coach. To meet the needs of a blood bank, a tourist car released by the South Indian Railway has been converted for use by the Army Transfusion Service who will tour the country and collect blood from voluntary donors.

In one of the compartments, a refrigerating unit of the Frigidaire type has been fitted, as well as a cabinet, built in India, to hold 480 pints of blood. The refrigerating unit is worked on the brine circulation principle. The circulation of brine and air through the cooling cabinet has been arranged under thermostatic control, so as to maintain an even temperature of round about 40 degrees F. the unit has been designed and constructed by a well-known firm of engineers in India. One compartment has been left intact for use as a bedroom for the Medical Officer by night and as a restroom for blood donors by day.

Published in Dawn, October 21st, 2019