LAHORE: The West Pakistan Election Authority has drawn the attention of its various field functionaries to the vital importance of the requirement of actual house-to-house visits in order to ensure authentic and accurate preparation of electoral rolls, reports Radio Pakistan.

A circular to this effect has been issued by the Chairman of the Provincial Election Authority, Mr M.A. Rashid, to all Deputy Commissioners in the Province.

The Deputy Commissioners have been advised to undertake a special tour of their respective districts for supervising the enumeration work now in progress as well as to provide necessary guidance wherever needed to achieve the desired objective. This special initial tour should be followed by periodical supervisory visits by the Deputy Commissioners.

The circular points out that the new procedure for the registration of voters enjoins a house-to-house visit by the enumerator for the distribution, completion and collection of the prescribed forms for enrolment and hundred per cent house-to-house check by the supervisors, and a minimum of ten per cent house-to-house check by the Assistant Registration Officer.

The circular adds the object of all these checks is to ensure absolute accuracy in this work of national importance. — Agency

Published in Dawn, October 20th, 2019