ISLAMABAD: The police have made an elaborate security plan for the Chehlum of Imam Husain being observed today (Saturday).

More than 1,500 police officials will be deployed under the plan to guard processions and congregations across the city. Rangers, Counter-Terrorism Force (CTD), police commandoes and personnel from other law enforcement organizations will also be deployed for patrol and security duties, police said.

The routes of all the processions will be cordoned off by a contingent of police assisted by the CTF and Rangers, they said.

Zonal superintendents of police (SP), sub-divisional police officers, station house officers and other officials will perform field duties. They will also be tasked with monitoring procession routes and ensuring effective coordination between personnel deployed in various parts of the city.

The main procession route has been divided into three sectors, each of which will be headed by an SP. Sub-sectors will be headed by an assistant or deputy superintendent of police and inspectors will be deployed at rooftops and pickets.

Personnel from the Special Branch, Crime Investigation Department and traffic police will also be on duty, and snipers will be deputed on buildings along procession routes, police said.

They said close liaison will be maintained with organisations of congregations and processions, and special arrangements will be made to check veiled women using walk-through gates and metal detectors at all points of entry. Three control rooms have been set up to monitor the situation.

The main procession will come out from Imambargah Asna Ashri in G-6/2. It will follow its route before culminating at the same place.

Published in Dawn, October 19th, 2019