Solar power

Oct 15 2019


WE missed an opportunity of setting up solar panel manufacturing plants about two decades ago when a Pakistani-born US scientist and owner of solar panels manufacturing plants in the US, Dr Lubna, offered the government to set up solar panels manufacturing plants across Pakistan.

Looking into the future, she made the offer for exploiting the solar energy for its maximum utilisation in order to provide clean, reliable and affordable power to its citizens and for the national power grid.

Dr Lubna (an old Ravian), holding many prestigious awards, including Einstein Award, wanted to serve her motherland without any financial gains in her mind as she was quite rich already, having a happy family living comfortably in the US.

Alas, her passionate offer was not entertained.

When will we be honest enough to clinch the opportunities well in time?

It is reminded that we have been late also in taking timely decisions in other projects and fields as well. IT is one of them, especially when compared to India.

You pay many times more as a nation, as well as individually, if required decisions at the national level are not taken in time.

Engr Riaz Bhutta

Published in Dawn, October 15th, 2019