Neglected Rani Bagh

October 10, 2019


RANI Bagh is the only zoological garden in Hyderabad. It is spread over 53 acres and includes Eidgah, the Abbas Bhai Park, zoo, lawns, children parks, jogging tracks and a parking area.

I visit Rani Bagh early in the morning for a jog. The condition of Rani Bagh park and jogging tracks was always poor, but it has gone from bad to worse in recent times owing to heavy rains.

The grass has disappeared from most lawns, while in some lawns it has not been trimmed.

I jog for 40 minutes every day, but jogging without greenery on a dirty track is not a pleasure for me and other joggers. One can imagine the disappointment of those who visit this place.

The Hyderabad municipal authorities should ensure proper maintenance of the park.

Kashif Ashraf


Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2019