Civic duty

October 10, 2019


THE citizens are also responsible for traffic congestion besides, the authorities, apart from overflowing sewerage water, dilapidated roads and so on. Which hamper traffic flow.

We do not maintain an adequate distance between two vehicles, do not adhere to the lanes, violate the roundabout rule, abruptly stop our vehicles to drop or pick up passengers or to grab some munchies, we ram our vehicles behind the desperate ambulance and many more.

As a concerned citizen, I request commuters to be patient in reaching their destinations because honking and/or stopping centimeters from the next vehicle, will certainly not guarantee a safe ride.

I request the authorities concerned to educate the masses with reasoning about the need to follow traffic rules. Education without reasoning will always be highly ineffective

For instance, rather than mentioning ‘wear seat belts and helmets, say ‘wear seat belts and helmets to ensure that the airbags functions and you don’t suffer from a damaged skull’.

Jawwad Qamar


Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2019