University dorms

October 10, 2019


FOR many youth, universities in Islamabad are the first choice to get enrolled. Unfortunately, the universities in the capital city do not provide hostel accommodation and transport even to female students.

As a result, students go to private hostels. Ironically, there are no checks by Islamabad administration on these hostels. These private hostels have their own fee structure.

Their food is unhygienic and most of the time hostels have four to seven students in a single room.

Surprisingly, some universities in Islamabad operate in rented houses. How can a teenage girl from another province spend life in an unregistered private hostel?

Students are the future of any nation. If they are treated poorly what will be our future? The government should not allow universities to operate without proper student accommodation.

Daud Khan


Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2019