Bank account

October 10, 2019


I AM a small business owner from the city of Wahi Pandhi. Previously, I used to be a government employee. Recently, I went to a bank in Deh Noorani, Johi, to open a bank account.

The bank employee asked me about my source of income. I told him that I had retired recently from a government job and now ran a small business in my hometown. I explained that I get my pension every month and had to deal with large sums of money from time to time.

The bank official refused to open an account. I asked him to set up a meeting with the branch manager — maybe he would understand my situation better. I had all my documents and paper work ready but he stall refused to entertain my request.

I request the State Bank of Pakistan to issue directives to all bank employees to learn basic manners.

Imam Bux Rustamani

Wahi Pandhi

Published in Dawn, October 10th, 2019