Indian somersault

October 08, 2019


IN 1962, battered by the Chinese troops at North Eastern Front New Delhi rushed to US President John F. Kennedy for two squadrons of B-47 bombers and 12 squadrons of supersonic fighters manned by American crew.

India is now reluctant to welcome American’s mediation. This shows what India’s intentions really are.

Pakistan is desirous of peace, and for its attainment has always shown flexibility in its stance, but obdurate India has not cared a fig for it despite pressure from all quarters.

Let us not be mulish or taken away by any other thought than peace. As far as our nuclear power is concerned, it is for constructive purposes and also defence, if all options are not in sight. Good relations between the two countries are the key to peace, prosperity and progress for both nations.

M. Shafique Ahmed

Published in Dawn, October 8th, 2019