A dangerous narrative

October 07, 2019


A NARRATIVE has developed in Pakistan in the mind of people at large for the last several years that anyone who is riding a shiny car or living in an affluent housing society or has a well-furnished office has looted the nation’s wealth. One reason for this mindset is the ad nauseum speculation in the media about corruption in the last few years.

Nobody is against accountability or documentation of the economy, but the campaign should be carried out in a manner that the country does not suffer. This mindset is harming the country as investors are shying away, be it building a house or buying a new car or setting up a new factory.

It seems the prime minister has been ill-advised by his economic team as to how to improve the economy. I suggest the government take immediate measures to create a business-friendly atmosphere in the country to encourage investment .

Ejaz Ahmad Magoon

Doha, Qatar

Published in Dawn, October 7th, 2019