KARACHI: A man died of dengue haemorrhagic fever at a private hospital, bringing the total toll because of the lethal disease to 13 in the province so far this year.

The victim was identified as 31-year-old Mohammad Amir.

With the late monsoon still present in the city, the alarming increase in the mosquito-borne infection has been observed.

“Amir was brought to a private hospital two days ago in a very critical condition,” said a senior official in the health ministry.

He said the patient was tested positive against dengue and died on Friday.

Officials said that so far they had recorded 3,841 cases of dengue fever in Sindh of which 3,624 had been reported from Karachi alone. Last year, two people had died because of it while in 2017, that number was 12.

Experts had already feared about an alarming increase in the mosquito-borne disease because of widespread rains during the monsoon.

With the issue of unattended garbage in the teeming city not yet sorted out completely, and little being done where vector-control efforts are concerned, the spread of dengue poses extreme dangers.

“It is high time to take appropriate measures as stagnant water in many areas offers ideal breeding ground for the dangerous mosquito,” said an expert.

Published in Dawn, October 5th, 2019