LAHORE: The 11th DAWN In Education Spelling Bee Phonetics Workshop was held in Lahore on Tuesday at the OUP Auditorium, says a press release.

It was organised by DAWN as part of its Newspaper In Education programme and was held in collaboration with the Oxford University Press (OUP).

The workshop was attended by 110 teachers from different schools across Punjab. Conducted by Dr Roudaba Shuja, the workshop aimed at assisting teachers in acquiring a thorough knowledge of the essentials of phonetics, which would be extremely helpful to him/her in his/her classroom.

The activity also gave an insight into the various techniques by which the teacher would be able to give theoretical explanation behind pronouncing a certain word in a manner that would appeal to the practical instinct of the pupils.

The participating teachers found the workshop very useful and informative. They found the customised exercises an invaluable resource to be replicated in their classrooms.

The workshop was followed by a question and answer session to address any queries from teachers to help them prepare their students for the 15th DAWN In Education Spelling Bee Competition scheduled to be held in October – November this year.

Published in Dawn, October 2nd, 2019