RABAT: Flags of 26 nations flew in the Moroccan capital today [Sept 21] in preparation for the historic first-ever Islamic Summit Conference, opening here tomorrow. The Conference will consider the wanton burning and sacrilege of Masjid al-Aqsa and other Holy places and the occupation of Jerusalem by Israelis, amidst mounting indignation and anger in the Muslim world.

The Conference opening at the local Hilton Hotel at 2300 WPST was proposed by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and backed by the Arab League. Its task, according to the agenda fixed by a Preparatory Committee that met here earlier this month, will be “to discuss the question of the Masjid al-Aqsa and the Holy City of Jerusalem”.

The whole Zionist-Arab conflict will be thrashed out at the unprecedented Islamic summit, gathering together leaders of 26 nations representing about 450 million of the world’s estimated 650 million Muslims. ...Though invited, Syria and Iraq had by tonight not said they would attend and a notable absentee will be President Nasser of the United Arab Republic. ... Although the summit will represent many million Muslims, many more will not be represented, including those in India, China and the Soviet Union where there are an estimated total of 175 million Muslims. — Agency

Published in Dawn, September 22nd, 2019