ISLAMABAD: Ruling party MNA Asad Omer on Saturday expressed concern over the performance of the police and the increasing crime in the capital.

Talking to Dawn, the MNA said he was concerned about rising crime in the capital even though the government was providing resources and supporting the police.

He said the police had informed him that an Afghan gang was involved in a sector and that one of the gang members had been arrested. However, the MNA said crime was not restricted to only one sector.

Earlier, the MNA attended an open kutchery held by the police in F-10/2 along with MNAs Ali Nawaz Awan and Raja Khurram Nawaz. IGP Mohammad Amir Zulfiqar Khan and DIG (operations) Waqaruddin Syed were also present.

According to police officials who attended the open kutchery, Mr Omar said complaints received during the last month exceeded the number of crime committed in the capital over the last six years. He asked senior officers to brief him about robberies and forge a better relation with citizens.

On the other hand, a press release issued by the police quoted the IGP as saying that the crime rate had significantly declined during the ongoing year due to an effective strategy.

“He rejected a social media campaign against Islamabad police regarding increase in crime and said it was an attempt to create unrest,” it added.

More than 80pc abducted children were recovered while modern investigation techniques were being used to nab criminals, it added.

Published in Dawn, September 22nd, 2019