A medical nightmare

September 20, 2019


WE consulted a military doctor privately for our daughter’s treatment. He administered some anti-malaria drugs coupled with antibiotics without getting any tests. After taking the drugs, my daughter began to vomit incessantly during the period from Sept 1 to Sept 9. We rushed to the ER at civil and military hospitals, but no one admitted her.

In sheer desperation, we went to another hospital. They treated her till Sept 11. All her tests were clear. No malaria, no infection. Probability: drug reaction. The doctor informed us on Sept 10 that the patient would be discharged the next day. The bill (excluding emergency treatment) then stood at about Rs48,000.

However when, at long last, the patient was discharged, the bill, by then, had mysteriously been inflated by Rs16,000.

Upon my enquiry, the admissions office made the shocking revelations: the hospital software is so designed that it automatically adds half a day, if a patient is not discharged by 3pm (not waiting for 12 hours). Wow! Half a day bill plus allied expenses for delay in discharge with malafide intention. I submitted a written complaint that remains unanswered.

Is there an authority that could punish serving government-doctors for administering drugs without any tests? Or, for not admitting the patient in a ward because of lame excuses?

Amjed Jaaved

Published in Dawn, September 20th, 2019