PIA flight horror

September 20, 2019


I AM a big supporter of buying Pakistani products. Since the start of the Karachi-Toronto direct flight in March 2006. I travelled in the first-ever flight from Karachi to Toronto and the experienced was unmatched as Pakistan International Airlines was the first airline in the world to get a Boeing 777 ER for a non-stop 14 hour flight.

Since then it was a regular for our family to travel in PIA. But just last month, we had the worst experience. We travelled on July 7 to Toronto and came back on two flights on Aug 17 and Sept 8. We were not given a single blanket and pillow for the long flight and it was highly uncomfortable. If you check other airlines, even on a short distance, a pillow and a blanket are already on the seat for your use. The food choice given as chicken and mutton. Our kids don’t eat mutton but they said chicken was finished.

Regarding entertainment, the screen only displayed flight details not the usual Pakistan dramas, movies or Quran recitals. Now my kids are saying that we will never fly PIA.

Now tell me, how can we support our national airline if these basic facilities are not provided?

S. M. Arif

Published in Dawn, September 20th, 2019