UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations Sec­urity Council yesterday [Sept 15] condemned Israel’s failure to refrain from taking measures aimed at altering the status of Jerusalem…

France asked for a separate vote on the fourth operative paragraph of the resolution, which in its amended form “calls upon Israel scrupulously to observe the provisions of the Geneva Convention and international law governing military occupation, and to refrain from causing any hindrance to the discharge of the established functions of the Supreme Muslim Council of Jerusalem, including co-operation that Council may desire from countries with predominant Muslim population, and from Muslim communities, in relation to its plans for the maintenance and repair of the Islamic holy places in Jerusalem.”

The paragraph was adopted by 10 votes with the US, France, Finland, Colombia and Paraguay abstaining. The US said it would not back the resolution implicitly linking the al-Aqsa mosque fire to Israel’s military occupation of Jerusalem... — Agency

Published in Dawn, September 17th, 2019