BOMBAY: At 7 minutes to 4, Mr. Gandhi came out of his room accompanied by C. Rajagopala­chari, Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, Mr. Bhulabhai Desai, Mr. Pyarelal, his Secretary, and others and was greeted by waiting Journalists on the steps of Birla House. Mr. Gandhi was all smiles and remarked, “The Press is always there.”

He got into a waiting car accompanied by Mr. Pyarelal and drove to Mr. Jinnah’s residence at Mount Pleasant Road, a couple of furlongs away. Mr. Gandhi met Mr. Jinnah exactly at 4pm today [Sept 9]. The meeting took place at the first floor of Mr. Jinnah’s Bungalow…

A battery of cameramen and a number of Indian and Foreign reporters were waiting in the compound. Mr. Jinnah came to the portico and warmly welcomed Mr. Gandhi. “These photographers want us to pose,” Mr. Jinnah said, and the two leaders posed for the movie men. Mr. Gandhi put his hand on Mr. Jinnah’s shoulder and stood close to him.

The two leaders affectionately embraced and withdrew to the main hall. The photographers wanted just a minute more and Mr. Jinnah agreed.… — Dawn Delhi

Published in Dawn, September 10th, 2019